Freitag, 7. April 2017

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Sonntag, 19. März 2017

A.C. rituals and routine(s)

Ok, I might bore you but: Of cause there is that one big ritual in my life called "daily project". I was thinking about it the last days, when Nadine came up with the theme for our staying alive Art Challenge
And I would say: There are the daily routines like cooking coffee, making toasts for the kids, preparing the lunch boxes etc. 
But the daily project is my holy ritual, it´s like to go in for meditation in the morning: I stand up (and go to the  bathroom) and sit down at the kitchen table and I take my sketchbook and the pencil and immediately I start to draw. Listening to the birds singing, the clock is ticking, my focus on the drawing... 
To share that moment with you I made this selfie:

selfie daily project 18.3.

the same procedure as every day

It´s so romantic, isn´t it? 

Sometimes the truth behind the daily project looks like this:

the heroine thinking of all the routines to come...

Thank you for visiting today and many thanks to Nadine for hosting this A.C.!