Sonntag, 19. März 2017

A.C. rituals and routine(s)

Ok, I might bore you but: Of cause there is that one big ritual in my life called "daily project". I was thinking about it the last days, when Nadine came up with the theme for our staying alive Art Challenge
And I would say: There are the daily routines like cooking coffee, making toasts for the kids, preparing the lunch boxes etc. 
But the daily project is my holy ritual, it´s like to go in for meditation in the morning: I stand up (and go to the  bathroom) and sit down at the kitchen table and I take my sketchbook and the pencil and immediately I start to draw. Listening to the birds singing, the clock is ticking, my focus on the drawing... 
To share that moment with you I made this selfie:

selfie daily project 18.3.

the same procedure as every day

It´s so romantic, isn´t it? 

Sometimes the truth behind the daily project looks like this:

the heroine thinking of all the routines to come...

Thank you for visiting today and many thanks to Nadine for hosting this A.C.!


  1. i am loving every line of that ritual of yours, and to be frank, it is exactly what jumps right at me, every day that you draw : that drive, that energy and that joy to be giving it your thought of the day. yes, birds, clock, focus included. i am loving it. it is a drug, almost, innit? yep, stefanie, know that feeling too. ;)))
    thank YOU! n♥

  2. I had wondered if this is what you would share with us. A ritual of daily drawing.
    I like that you do this, I also find it inspiring. Your drawings are charming and fun to see.
    As is your photo.

  3. Stephanie, I'm fascinated by your very expressive drawings, and the fact that you do them every day as a ritual... a very sacred one, indeed.

  4. It's been a treat following your daily drawing! Now it's nice to hear about the routine of where and when you draw. Thank you for letting us in on it. See you tomorrow!


Danke - thank you - merci bien!